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Weird Ghost Stories

As a trailer ghost investigator, it's your job to decide which allegations of hauntings are genuine paranormal leads and which are simply delusions of the reporting party. Check out these stories submitted by our readers and decide for yourself!

Explorer Ghost Afraid to Explore Mobile Home
We have lived in our mobile home for about six years now and our ghost first appeared  about one year after we moved in.  This was a new home and locatd on some property we had purchased from my father in law. It is located in Dunnellon Florida.  Which is located dirctly on the Withalachoochi river.  This is the area where Hernando and desoto did a lot of exploring and also the place of the Seminole war. When my 16 year old step brother in law came to live with his mother (which is also in the same area) he began exploring the woods around our house and began to find numerous indian arrow heads, pieces of pottery and countles items we could not identify.  He naturally saved all of these items. We were also still clearing land and doing a lot burning, so we were digging several very large holes in different places to burn the debris. We continued to find unblievible amounts of indian artifacts. One afternoon while I was talking on the phone I saw a shadow walk past the kitchen window and then passed the window in the living room rihgt up to the front door.  I waited for the door bell to ring, so when it didnt ring I went and opened the door ,no one was there. I really didnt think anything of it until it happened again about 3 days later.  I then asked Tim {my step brother in law} if he was playing a joke on me.  He knows how afraid I am to be in the woods home alone.  He said he was not even at home at the time. As the years went by and every member of my family had seen the shadows and heard the footsteps walking up to the door, these sightings became somewhat of a joke to us. The ghost would only come to the door but would never come in.  This put my mind at ease and I was never afraid of the ghost. One afternoon i was in the yard and someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around thinking it was one of my kids but no one was there. I knew then that the ghost was not afraid of me either.
Submitted by Linda in Dunnellon, Florida

Is that a Ghost or your Mother-in-Law?
If you've ever lived in a trailer, you know how sound and vibrations carry throughout trailers. My husband and I were sharing a single wide two bedroom trailer with his mother. The way the trailer was set up was that the living room and eat-in kitchen were in the middle with a bedroom and bathroom on each end. It was a decent set up for a young couple and a mother-in-law. It lasted about three months. But that's another story! LOL The story here is the nightly footsteps through the living room into the kitchen. When we first moved in I noticed some reddish stains on the backs of the living room curtains (the place was partially furnished). I swear they were blood stains. Everyone just poopooed me as usual! (everybody thinks I'm a little But I still believe that they were blood stains. One night not long after we moved in I woke up around 3AM to the sound of footsteps. I thought "oh I guess Phyllis can't sleep", and went back to sleep. The next day I asked her what was wrong, why she was up at 3AM. She said she wasn't up, she thought I was up!! Well, we got the willies of course, but just forgot about it. After that we would hear the ghostly footsteps quite often. Always the same footsteps. Phyllis even said she thought she heard the refrigerator door open and close a couple times. We moved out soon after we moved in, and we never found out who the ghostly trailer visitor was!
Submitted by Robbin in Florida

Grandfather Ghost Teaches Kids Manners
Do Ghost Haunt Mobile Homes? Yes. I have lived in one and know of another my Mother's mobile home and both were haunted. 

The first one was in 1979, by the way this was a brand new Home, there was a male ghost, old man maybe in his 80's. He did not bother me but he hung around my two children all the time they both spoke of him they called him "Pa" . We have always taught our children to used their words fully as in Grandfather... Grandmother no shortcuts, but when they spoke of "Pa" they said he said that was his name. The funny thing is years later we were visiting my mother and she referred to someone named Pa, she said they called him Pa in place of pappy, it was her father he had died 15 years before my children were born. No one ever spoke of him he died an anorexic, I guess the family was ashamed of him. We also found out later that our mobile home was set up were the original school house was for the area, small one roomer, destroyed in a fire.

The second was my Mother's bile home. She said every night someone would walk down the hall, she would here it and feel a presence there. She eventually ask as "psychic" to come to the house to see if she felt or heard anything...My Mother did not tell her anything about what she heard or felt. Within a few minutes of being in the mobile home the psychic said there is an evil presence in the place she got up and left and tried to tell my Mother to get out of the place before she was hurt. My Mother said she talked to it at night, and things in her house on the shelves would move. She moved after a couple of months.
Submitted by Cathy in Arkansas

WV Ghost Refuses to Leave After Mobile Home Hauled Off
A family that lived in Barboursville west virginia, killed by the oldest son.. with a gun.. handcuffed to the bed in a mobile home.. this man lived in the same part of town as did at the time.. the spiritual activity was so bad a year after this happened the took the mobile home away.. but the activity didn't stop.. it continued for 5 years after. 
Submitted by Laura in West Virginia

That Ghost Really Hit the Nail on the Head
Well, it started in the little town of Elmore City, Oklahoma. My parents had just purchased a brand new singlewide trailor from a dealer in Purcell. My family and I were so excited we just had to sleep in it as soon as we got it!! (we didnt have any furniture moved into it yet) So me and my brother fell asleep on the floor in what was soon to be our very own room. I remember not getting to sleep too good and my brother snoring like the dickens! I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink when to my surprise came a ghost hovering down the hall directly to my room! I tried to stay still and quiet when all the sudden the woman-like figure began to stroke my head. She wasnt a mean ghost. She rubbed my back until I was very relaxed, she turned around to go back down the hall and I saw I bloody nail sticking out of her head. She vanished. I bet I was up all night unable to sleep! The next morning my step-dad told us a story that he claims really took place in the making of our mobile home. A woman that had just started working at the mobile home place was evidently walking around the site of the construction area when she was struck by a nail that had been a miss-fire by one of the carpenters!!!! 
Submitted by Warden in Oklahoma City, OK

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Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
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Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
Submit Your Story

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