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Adapted from Atlas Manufactured Homes

It’s hard to say where the mobile home started. Some will look back as far as the 1500’s to traveling European gypsies.

The closest example we have dates back to the 1870’s to seafaring homesteads that were built on skids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

When the surf reclaimed the beach, the home was moved with teams of horses.

Next would come the automobile pulled trailers in the 1920’s. Most were home-made for camping, this trend would spark a housing revolution.

By 1943 the average trailer was 8 ft. x 20-24 ft. 3-4 Bedrooms but no bath or toilet.

1948 saw the introduction of 30 ft. models with bathrooms as a standard feature.

1968 A new concept in space, the Doublewide is introduced.

Early to mid 1970’s saw governmental intervention as to the construction of these factory built homes. 

1980 saw Congressional Approval to change the term “Mobile Home” to “Manufactured Home”.

Adapted from Atlas Manufactured Homes

"Who would have guessed that Mobile Homes are traced back to North Carolina

I swear I can't make this stuff up!"

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