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OK, maybe shocking is a bit strong... The pursuit of mobile home ghosts has spawned countless news articles, radio interviews, and even funny songs!

The Original Haunted Trailer:

Larry Weaver outside of his Haunted Mobile Home
Photo Credit: Kevin Seifert, Durham Herald-Sun

The Hit Song "Ghost in the Trailer"

The song that started a worldwide wave of mobile home paranoia. Somethin' creepy is going on in the double wide, and this time it ain't a raccoon!
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Larry Weaver - Looking for Fun - Ghost in the TrailerPurchase song on iTunes
cdinfoLooking for Fun

The Commercial for "Trailer Ghost Exterminators"

The distressing 911 call that started it all!
Listen to 911 Call
cdinfoEverybody's Crazy But Me!!!


"Having trouble hearing the clips? Maybe you need to get Broadband in the trailer."


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