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Funny Ghost Story

As a trailer ghost investigator, it's your job to decide which allegations of hauntings are genuine paranormal leads and which are simply delusions of the reporting party. Check out these stories submitted by our readers and decide for yourself!

Rooftop Ghost Leads Woman to Spank Possum
In 1984 I rented a lot in Carrboro to place my tiny mobile home on in town for school and work. The previous tenants had moved away because "people were walking around on top of the house" Bold as I am, I found this intriguing. My son and I settled in and waited for the people to start walking on our house. Stayed mighty quiet for a while, but one night we heard what sounded like a stampede on the roof! We ran out to see a cat jumping for the tree for its life! We looked to see what was chasing the cat and saw nothing. Cat was scared silly, tho. After that we heard the "cat-tle" stampede on the roof about once a week, but we never saw anything chasing the cat, and the cat's not talking. We moved the tiny trailer out and a bigger model in (I got a promotion) and waited for the cat-tle. Instead we got a resident possuum who didn't bother chasing the cat, it just moseyed up on the porch and ate the cat food. From this the game "Spank the Possuum" was born. The object of the game was to see how many times whoever was there could spank the possuum with whatever paddling device was handy. The wooden yardstick worked better than then broom, and Steve Moriarty holds the record at 14 whacks, with Chris Folk a close second at 12.
Submitted by Joy in Carrboro, NC

Husband Leaves, Ghost Looks for Girl-on-Girl Action 
I am living in a trailer right now with my aunt and my husband in Lakeland Florida. I believe that this place is haunted. My husband gets up and goes to work every morning at 5:30.that is when all the scary things start happening. Around seven in the morning I always feel someone petting my head and my aunt is gone taking her two kids to school. Then I have seen someone walking into the bathroom and my aunt and I are both sitting in the living room. I have also had things to turn themselves on (or something is turning them on). I always feel as though there is someone standing over my shoulder but when I turn around there is never anyone there. I am sooooo scared but cannot afford to move right now. Guess I will just stay here til the ghost gets either tired of us or until it gets violent. 
Submitted by Katrina in Lakeland, FL

Missouri Ghost Hunters have a Society?
Ghosts can and do haunt Mobil Homes. I have one such photo of a vortex taken at our Mobil home. Ghost can haunt the home itself or the land that the home sites on. Locations with hauntings usually trace back to some event in history that was dramatic, such would be a murder, wars, unexpected death, Indian Burial grounds, portals, the list is almost endless... Ghost seem to keep a pattern. Such as theories have proven over the years and we have been able to take these theories and put them to practice and we have found several key elements to be of general actions. However, anything is possible in the paranormal... There are numerous books out there on the market that talk about ghost and haunts, plus there are things you can do in your home to ward off the ghost. Certain plants, incenses, religious items, etc. 
Submitted by Brian and Linda in Missouri
The Hauntings - Missouri Ghost Hunters Society

Pesky Kid Ghost Interrupts Doublewide Tupperware Party
Do Ghost Haunt Mobile Homes? Yes they do. I remember when I got married, I was invited to a tupperware party in a doublewide trailer. The trailerpark was in an old section of Sandy Hook, NJ that was used by the army as a trailer park back when Sandy Hook was known as Fort Hancock. The trailers that were still there were often bought by whoever is moving there and sold when they transfer. As the evening progressed, the ladies got to talking about somebody named I think Susie. Finally they told me that it was a ghost of a little girl and they had no idea where she came from or what she wanted. The lady who lived there had 3 small children and said she was a good "child" and really only made her presense known by moving toys around the trailer. Of course with three kids already, she said one more was no trouble at all.
Submitted by Julie in West Virginia

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Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
Submit Your Story

Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
Submit Your Story

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