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Funny Ghost Stories

As a trailer ghost investigator, it's your job to decide which allegations of hauntings are genuine paranormal leads and which are simply delusions of the reporting party. Check out these stories submitted by our readers and decide for yourself!

Ghost Taunts Truckin' Mama
My daughter Amy bought a cute trailer in (2/2001) in a trailer park and was so thrilled. I drove semi and was on the road alot.When I had hometime I stayed with her,but she noticed within a few weeks that something wasn't right.I set up a computer in her dining room and about 2:00am. I was startled by a noise over my shoulder that sounded like a plastic gallon jug had all the air sucked out of it. I looked for a sourse there was none, just as I relaxed it sounded like it blew up the jug! It happened without fail every night. In the daytime we saw objects such as tubes of cream,or cans of cleaners rocking back and forth on their own nobody near them. Twice we heard a picture window shatter and nothing was found.She moved with quickness after she was awakened one morning by what she thought was her husband kneeing the mattress real hard to wake her up. She told him to stop it,her face was to the wall, not the door ,he did it harder! She turned to yell at him only to find she was alone! He went off to work an hour before! She sat up scared and confused only to see the tv. scaning channels nonstop.Which they lost the remote to when they moved! Yep! ya can have a ghost in a trailer We've been there!
Submitted by Carolyn in Newark, OH

Lazy Ghost Lies around Smoking all Day
We have been living in this trailer for over 4 years. The first time we realized that something wasn't right was when our son was brought home from the hospital. Around his crib you could smell flowers and pipe smoke.  Neither his father or I smoke!  As he got older, he moved into the bedroom with his sister.  One evening the kids were playing in their room.I was hanging clothes,their father was in the living room watching television.  Suddenly our daughter began to scream, we rushed into the bedroom to find her trapped under her bed. When we asked her what was wrong, she said that daddy scared her.  Her father was in the living room the whole time!Recently, both kids have described the same man at different times, watching them. My son told me that the man was lying on the floor in the living room one night when we were reading a book.  Just last night, my boyfriend and my daughter both swore that they heard a man talking in the kitchen. They said that he was right beside me and asked if I heard it.  I didn't, but in this trailer nothing shocks me.  Ghosts don't bother me, I grew up in an area that everyone knew was haunted. As long as the ghost keeps his hands to himself we'll get along fine.
Submitted by Michelle in Lexington, KY

M'am, you Are Nuts
We used to live in a 1977 trailer in a trailer park called Skytop Heights in Greentown, PA. We frequently had no water pressure and other oddities.   I had a problem with mildew growing on the windows...I would wipe it off an' the next day it would be back, blacker 'n ever.  We moved to a house in Paupack and I think a Trailer Ghost came with us!  First of all, it mildewed my wedding dress.  The closet was full of mildew as well. The Ghost must have put it there.  Then, our kitchen faucet broke and the kitchen was flooded one morning.  What about my new dishwasher that started making hideous noises, like someone was trapped inside crying "Outtttt" "OWWWWwwwwtttt"?  Lots of times when I flush the toilet it's as if someone STOPPED it from flushing and I have to flush AGAIN.  What's up with that? It only happens to ME.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.
Submitted by Karen in Paupack, PA

Old Single Ghost Can't Stop Twisting His Knob
I am quite sure our mobile was haunted when we first moved into it 8 years ago. An old, single gentleman had lived here for years. Died in the hospital, technically, but spiratually, I feel he hung on here for awhile. The knobs on the kitchen cupboards would somehow come loose and just drop off on the floor. Many times over! I would go out and screw them tightly back onto the doors and then a couple days later, they would fall off again. I could never find any possible physical reason for this to happen. Plus, sometimes the newspaper would lay on the coffee table and the pages would flutter in the breeze, but their were no windows open and the ceiling fan was not on. Eventually, the knobs stopped falling and the paper stopped fluttering. I guess the former owner finally realized that he didn't need to be here anymore and moved on to heaven or wherever. 
Submitted by Barb in Princeton, IL

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Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
Submit Your Story

Is your trailer haunted? We want to know!
Submit Your Story

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